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A tour around Villes-sur-Auzon

Villes-sur-Auzon is a village with a little more than 1000 inhabitants, situated in a valley between the Mont Ventoux and the Monts de Vaucluse. In the olden days it was surrounded by walls, which is why the village is round. Today houses have replaced the ramparts, but one of the gates, the 18th century Grand Portail is still there, and vestiges of the old walls can be seen here and there.

Just outside the old centre, not far from the Grand Portail, lies the "Pous di Foro", an area with small gardens surrounded by dry stone walls, watered by a network of gutters which brings water from the nearby fountain. Most of them belong to houses in the centre, and some are still cultivated.

The present-day church and the town hall are both situated outside the old centre.

The village is surrounded by vineyards. To the west there is a forest of pine and chestnut trees in a warmcoloured ochre landscape. On the other side stand the mountains, hollowed out by the occasional wild gully like the "Combe de l'Hermitage" and the spectacular Nesque Gorges, covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation.


une ancienne devanture
1 an old shop front
le Grand Portail2 le Grand Portail L'église le soir, au coucher du soleil
3 l'église, le soir
la fontaine du Grand portail
4 the Grand Portail fountain
Plan de Villes sur Auzon numéroté la fontaine de la place du 8 Mai
5 the fountain on the place du 8 Mai
la fontaine de l'avenue Jean-Jaurès
6 la fontaine de l'avenue Jean-Jaurès
la rue des Cordiers
7 la rue des Cordiers, dans the ole part of the village
un chemin du quartier des Pous
8 in the "Pous di Foro" district

 la mairie

9 the town hall (mairie)

The numbers on the map indicate where the pictures were taken.


To help you to get to know villes sur Auzon and its past some information panels have been erected in different places to explain the history of the village and the changes that took place over the centuries.


le dépliant du circuit des panneaux un des panneaux historiques de Villes sur Auzon

Click here to download the leaflet describing these infomation panels (in French)



le village et le Ventoux

Villes sur Auzon, au pied du Mont Ventoux